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Essential Materials COMPANY MISSION

What We Do

We supply raw materials for a wide variety of industries and manufactures.

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Mission & Values

We stock materials, provide expertise, foster relationships and reject complacency.

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Our Team

With over 20 years of combined industry experience, we offer friendly customer service & an outsourced technical team.

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Delivers unprecedented focus and allows us to grow our business by growing our partner’s businesses.

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Essential Materials is an exceptional raw material supplier of building and construction, CASE materials, plastics, ink, agriculture, and ceramics. Our ingredients help clients continuously thrive in innovation, product improvement and development. Each of our partnerships are built on communication transparency and industry expertise. We serve Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington.

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  • WE STOCK MATERIALS We don’t believe a customer should wait for the distributor to receive materials.
  • WE PROVIDE EXPERTISE We sell the products, and we believe we should know everything about them before we do.
  • WE FOSTER RELATIONSHIPS We are here for our customers from the beginning. Samples, education, and continued support.
  • WE REJECT COMPLACENCY We work hard to gain relationships. Keeping them takes even more effort in which we are prepared to give.

11 States | 11 Principals

Delivers unprecedented focus and allows us to grow our business by growing our partner’s businesses. .

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  • Focus Streamlined sales process to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Market Strategy Industry-specific focuses to ensure comprehension as well as synergy.
  • Ability to Scale Easily adaptable to increased customer demand without the headache of supplier disarray.
  • Extensive Knowledge Strong relationship with our 3rd party Technical support allows more time for improvement rather than briefing.
  • Territory Sizing The 11² model, 11 principals, 11 lines—a simple idea to ensure customer service, product knowledge, and territory management.
  • Consolidated Portfolio Each product we carry is specifically selected only if they work harmoniously with the others.

Raw Materials from Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle & Portland

Essential Materials is the go-to raw material distributor for Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington! No matter what process is used or product developed, our raw materials help our clients achieve the plasticity, overall workability, color, and strength in their end product. Your success is our success.


Let us provide you with the resources to be as successful as you can be. Industries we serve in Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, and Portland include:

  • Building and Construction
  • CASE
  • Plastics
  • Ink
  • Agriculture
  • Ceramics


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  • Los Angeles Society for Coatings Technology - LASCT
  • Arizona Society for Coatings Technology

COVID-19 News

We at Essential Materials fully understand these very tough times we are all going through. We are here to support you and each of your customers to continue to develop, innovate and manufacture your essential products. Our team is safely working from home and will continue to deliver first class service on all aspects. Essential Materials and our Partners are here to support on anything you may need. On behalf of our team, we wish the best to you, your teams and families during these difficult times. Please feel free to reach out to any of our members if you need anything. Take care and be safe!!