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The West Coast has just experienced its first specialty chemical distributor in many years. Incorporated in California to service the West Coast territory of the United States.

Essential Materials, Inc., supplies raw materials used in a broad cross section of industries, including agriculture, paper & adhesives, coatings, caulks & sealants, plastics, ceramics, building and construction, inks and more.

We recognize the need for a specialty chemical distributor who would focus on a limited number of lines for its Principals. So many distributorships have been sold, merged, or incorporated into much larger organizations which has created this opportunity for focus and intimacy that cannot be achieved with super large organizations.



We offer two warehouse facilities conveniently located:

  • Rancho Santa Margarita, California
  • Kent, Washington

“Fostering relationships with our principals and growing side-by-side with something we find vitally important.”