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Ceramics Essential Materials

Essential Materials is the go-to raw material distributor! No matter what process is used or product developed, our raw materials help our clients achieve the plasticity, overall workability, color, and strength in their end product. Your success is our success.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Essential Materials’ team is dedicated to work closely with our clients to improve existing products and the development of new ones. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Essential Materials today.

We Offer a Diverse Range of Ingredients for Ceramic Manufacturers:

  • White Silica Fine Filler products for Ceramics from Short Mountain Silica
  • Hydrous and Sprayed Dried Kaolin Clays from Thiele
  • Liquid Dispersions from Grant Specialty Coatings
  • Glass Sand, Dried Traction Sand, Geo Thermal Sand for Industrial applications from Short Mountain Silica
  • Kaorock high quality MetaKaolin additive
  • Natural Minerals is the largest supplier of ceramic talc in North America. Natural Minerals talcs are desired due to their ability to fire white, low fire expansion, less porous within other properties
  • White Calcium Carbonate fillers and aggregates, Reverte Calcium Carbonates owns one of the largest mines in the Americas allowing to provide a cost-competitive solution to the ceramic manufacturers
  • White Muscovite Mica to improve hardness and prevent cracking from Southeastern Performance Minerals