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Ink Ingredients Shipped throughout California, Washington, and Arizona

With an unmatched technical support at Essential Materials, we provide excellent services in California, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona areas. Our team of experienced experts are committed to equipping your company with top-quality ingredients for printing ink manufacturers. Your company’s success in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and Phoenix is our ultimate goal. Our business relationships with our customers is built on communication transparency and industry expertise.

You can count on Essential Materials to provide industry-compliant ingredients at competitive prices coupled with first-class customer care. Contact Essential Materials today! 

Our Top-Quality Ink Products Available to Printing Ink Manufacturers Include:

  • High Performance Acrylics, Polyurethane and more - Essential Polymers
  • Thiele Kaolin extenders offering hydrous, pulverized and spray dried kaolins among other engineered high brightness calcined kaolins
  • Titanium Dioxide Extender from Thiele
  • YIPIN USA - High Performance Chrome Pigment, Transparent Iron Oxides, Chrome Oxide Green, Anti-Corrosion Pigments, Pearlescent and more - Yipin
  • Mayzo UV stabilizers and  UV absorbers are used to protect against degradation and color changes caused by harmful UV light. Mayzo’s Optical brighteners are used to improve the appearance from a color and brightness standpoint
  • High Performance Sulfate Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Pigments - Lomon Billions
  • Cellulosic Thickeners from Lotte
  • High quality DayGlo colorants for inks and printing
  • Gasil matting silicas for solvent and waterbased inks and OPVs